NH Trap Rock 0-4-0

This little tank engine is typical of those used as industrial locomotives only half a century ago.  Though it looks small in comparison with Pacifics and other main-line steam locomotives, this little fellow is hardly petite.

Here's a left-side view of this intriguing locomotive.

View from left side of the cab - despite small size, #43 has ample room

Top of the boiler - note all the valves!

More valves - this is NOT a simple mechanism, by any means

I stand a little over6 foot and weight in at 235 - 240 pounds, so you can judge the locomotive's dimensions by comparison

The right side, partially obscured by "porch" for access to cab

From the back - plenty of head room, but not much space for coal

You can get a good idea of just how tall #43 stands

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