Our Little Railroad

An N Scale Slice of Home

Based loosely on a part of Orange County, NY, our small 32" by 40" layout is set in the era 1955 - 1962.  We've had lots of fun with it.  The layout itself is an expansion of the Atlas Layout N-4.  We have added an extra loop of track and fudged the dimensions for better running.

The layout is arranged around a lake and stream.

The woods, the lake and the spur track

Cows graze near the lake

Double-track between Westbrook and DL&W stations

Close-up of NYC local passing Westbrook

Goof-offs from Otisville are idling at the lake.

An MOW waits beside the Lackawanna station

Wide view of arched viaduct...how did that Milwaukee loco get here?

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