Train Running with MOW

Looks easy, doesn't it?  But when you have four trains running at once, things get a bit "touch and go" with the switching.  Here's a little fun we had using our own rail operations.

The maintenance train moves out past a short freight.

MOW enters the mainline while the Atlantic 4-4-2 waits at a switch

MOW waits while an express freight passes the siding

The outside freight train has the green light.

Small freight bypasses the passing siding

Outbound freight disappears, the "Trollwise Special" waits on siding while the MOW enters the mainline.

Our "Train Runner Passenger Specials" have one coach and one caboose.

Why the caboose?  We think it looks cool....


Coca Cola!!!

Railbox operating brakeman boxcar - cool!

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