O Gauge Alive!

As it was meant to be!

O Gauge was really meant ot be run for fun.  The hi-railtrack is intended to be erected quickly and endure frequenty handling.  These are trains you run anywhere.  You don't need a permanent layout  (save that for N scale!).  You just need trains, a clear floor and an outlet to plug in your transformer.  Here's a simple, small sample of bare-bones train running.  Another page of this is coming soon, with lots more stuff

Our short train leaves the station

Getting ready for the first run of the day

A wicked curve lets our 4-4-2 strut its stuff past the crossing gate

Returning from loading up at the barrel loader

Sadie perks up when she see/s the Chessie logo!

4-4-2 chugs past barrel loader, diner and local bus

Once again past the crossing, on to the station

This is the cool part of train running!

Past the diner....

A long shot!

This is as cool as it looks!

Loco, signal and barrel loader

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