Erie Station (WhistleStop)

Otisville, NY

In 1974, to impress my friends, I stated that I would ride through Otisville Tunnel on top of a boxcar.  That said, I hopped a freight outside Middletown.  They still had a few 40' boxcars then, and they were about the only ones that still had ladders going all the way to the roof.  The plan was to make the ride and hop off when the train slowed down at Port Jervis

The train did not slow down anywhere near Port Jervis.

That's how I ended up in Shohola.

Anyway, Otisville has been the family's point of debarkation for years.  The routine is to have a relastive meet us at the station and drive us over the mountain to the house.  Otisville actually has something of a station now.  These photos show it, along with the infamous portal that should have gotten me to Port Jervis but instead was a one-way ride to Shohola.

Wow!  Now they have a shelter!

To the infamous tunnel!

Remember Shohola!

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