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Diesel Time - for train fans and hobbyists who love 1st generation diesel locomotives

1st Generation Diesel

Step right up and say hello to the place where diesel is king. Steam? We like diesel better! Favorites here are the EMDE7, E8 and F units, Alco FA2, Alco RS3 and SD7s. That's when diesel was beautiful. Just say no to ugly diesel! Stick with 1st Generation and you always have that aesthetic edge

Classic Diesels

The locomotives pictured here were built between 1946 and 1969. Most of them are called "cab units" because the train is streamlined and the cab faces forward. In railroad slang, cab units are also called "covered wagons." The other types pictured here are a switcher and an RS3 road switcher. The road switcher can be used for pulling over-the-road trains and for switching cars in freight yards. Road switchers eventually replaced cab units.

The cab units are painted in striking, bold colors. In the early days of diesel, railroads wanted their trains to be recognized. They painted their locomotives in special colors and designs. Most of the railroads from these pictures are gone now. They were merged into larger railroads. One or two are still around. Look at the black switcher - it says "Staten Island" on the side. The Staten Island Railway runs right past my house. This switcher is painted blue now, and it passes here almost every day!

Which locomotives do you like most? Even though the old railroads are gone, the hobby companies still make model trains in those colors. (We have the grey Lackawanna E8s, Erie- Lackawanna F7s, the black Erie E8s, and the maroon Pennsylvania FA2s in our catalog!)


The Magnificesnt Lackawanna E8A

The striking Lackawanna ALCO PA diesel

Central RR of New Jersey Baldwin "Babyface" locomotive

New Haven Railroad F Units

This old switcher is still running!!!!

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