The LIRR Greenport Train

The train pictured here was the local to Greenport, which is the last stop on the Northeastern tip of Long Island.  Seeing as a popular model called "The Greenport Scoot" was issued this year, we felt lucky to catch a genuine Greenport-bound train during our photo shoot at Jamaica Station.  Unlike the model by K-line, which has an Alco FA at one end and an MP 15 at the other, ours sported a set of GPs.  

Frankly, all of the trains we saw on the LIRR looked the worse for wear.  All three dieselized trains that came while we were there showed a lot of wear, flaking paint and a coat of grime unusual even by New York standards.  

We noticed that the LIRR's standard dieselized train has a powered locomotive at the East end; on the West is a non-powered control cab unit whose power plant has been replaced by a generator for heating and lighting cars.

A GP heads the eastbound to Greenport

Another view of the lead GP

Side of lead GP - note "wave" paint scheme

Doors show wear and tear

This old coach is typical

Long view looking at rear (west) end of train

View toward the front

Rear GP shows white "waves" over blue

"Front" of the rear GP

Logo on side of coaches

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