LIRR MP 15 EMD Switcher

The LIRR uses the MP15 Switcher both for yard work and as motive power for its non-electrified passenger lines.  LIRR diesel trains have a locomotive at each end.  Generally, the Western end is a control cab with a generator to power and heat passenger cars.  The Eastern end is a full-powered diesel.  Power is supplied either by GPs or MP15s; control cabs can be anything from a GP to a "recycled" old Alco FA.

A popular model of the MP15 in O gauge was released by K-Line this year.  The model featured here is in a very different color scheme. It was the control cab for a train headed out past Ronkonkoma.  Light was poor and the platform afforded us few angles for shooting on the day these photos were taken.  Nonetheless, we were able to capture great detail shots of this popular second-generation diesel locomotive.

Looking to rear of the train

Front of MP15; rear of eastbound train

Cab with sheet-metal logo

MU, lights and coupler of LIRR MP15

Horns on front of cab

Lights and number boards

Front angle of cab

Roof details, stacks, exhaust, bell

Close-up of bell

GP on other end of train

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